Personal Consultancy

  • The world is getting smaller with the ease of air travel and the ease of interpersonal communication through the widespread use of the internet.
  • For economic reasons, companies understand the necessity to go international to take advantage of local benefits that can contribute to their manufacturing processes and also at the same expand their market.
  • To ensure success when companies go international, they have to send their experienced personnel to the target country to build up the new company and culture of the new company.
  • Inevitably, these foreigners will get in contact with people at the target country.  Vietnam is one of these target countries that many international companies had been sending their home country staff to.
  • The foreigners may then get emotionally involved with local Vietnamese person.  We truly wish that the foreigner did find a true partner in the local Vietnamese person.  But like in any other country, the local Vietnamese person may not be true but have the ultimate objective to cheat the foreigner.
  • The personal consultancy that I can provide is to protect the foreigner against any maliciously intent of potential local Vietnamese partners without resorting to the stigmatic use of prenuptial agreements.
  • It is important to ensure that both the foreigner and the local Vietnamese partner are at ease whilst we ensure protection for the foreigner.
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